Honor Code

This Honor Code sets forth AHQT's standards for students and tutors in using the AHQT platform and provides a policy on how they should conduct themselves when using the AHQT platform.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

For tutors: AHQT's platform was developed to connect tutors with students. The platform's purpose is to give students the tool to arrive at the correct answer; it is about the process and not the final answer. As a result, the platform should not be used to simply exchange answers, complete or collaborate to complete tests or assignments, edit a student's work/writing, provide sources for a paper, or summarize a student's required reading. A tutor's focus should be on methods and concepts needed to arrive to the right answer rather than simply providing the right answer.

For students: AHQT's platform should not be used to engage in any form of cheating or academic dishonesty. You should not ask the tutor to complete the work for you. The purpose of tutoring is to engage in a learning process that leads to your better understanding of the subject rather than simply being given the correct answer.

AHQT may monitor tutoring sessions and will suspend users immediately if there is any indication of cheating or other form of academic dishonesty.

Using the Platform Responsibly

Students and tutors must treat each other with respect. Students and tutors are prohibited from using any profanity, foul language, insults, slurs, threats, or any discriminatory language or behavior. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination from the AHQT platform.