The SAT is held multiple times a year and holds more weight than a high school's GPA in general when it comes to being able to enter top universities? Why?

Our SAT Program

We offer two types of comprehensive plans.


For those who have taken the SAT before - we offer a FULL money back guarantee if you take the Overall SAT class. If you have received a score less than 1250 we will guarantee you an increase of more than 100 points. (certain condidions apply). Now, most of our students get well more than that but it all depends on how hard you work.
Each one of our SAT teachers has AT LEAST a Bachelor's in what they teach. You will always have at least 2 different teachers. You will never get a teacher that will teach both the Math and the English portions.

Why Choose Us

We have a proven track record of boosting test results and assisting students in gaining admissions to prestigious universities. Our online SAT tutor program is the most effective strategy to get significant increases in scores in the least amount of time. Our tutors keep track of the progress of each student. Our online SAT preparation sessions are designed to take students all the way up to the day of their scheduled test. If you want to know more about our team of highly skilled tutors, click here.