Best Education

Our professional education consultant is certified by both PIER and ICEF to be an education consultant. Many education consultants EITHER take money from the universities or take money from the universities and the customers thereby sending your child to the highest bidder. This is not what you need. Your child needs to go to the best university for him/her. Our certified education consultant takes no money from universities so he can provide your child with the best possible education.
Whether your child wants to go abroad for high school, university or gradschool we can help.
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Going Abroad

If you are interested in moving abroad our education consultant has connections with the right people to help you move to over 50 different countries. Whether you want to move abroad for work, education, political or other reasons he can help you start a new life. His services range from basic to all-inclusive (up to and including flying with you to help you get settled, show you where to pay monthly bills, setting up school, etc).
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