About Us

“Teachers, professors, professionals, and instructors; Affordable High-Quality Tutors LLC is a community of exceptional educators eager to share their expertise and passion.”

Most of us have worked for tutoring companies that charge customers $50 or more an hour and pay the tutor very little. Also, these companies were willing to let us teach as many subjects as we wanted. Here tutors can only teach one main subject, math, English, etc. So, they are an expert in their area.

So, we created this company that would allow more families to be able to afford tutors and pay the tutors enough so they would want to stay a long time while offering high-quality instruction.

We use tutors from around the world with two very important restrictions.

We understand that different tutors requires different pay scales, so, you can select the right one for you. But, know this, every one of our tutors is highly qualified. See about our tutors for more information.