Your Child’s Safety is Paramount

Many companies claim this but we will enforce it with the following.
Employees will be terminated and possibly alerted to police (if warranted) IF they do ANY of the following...

If your child says any of these were violated or you believe they were, send a message to with the name of your child, name of tutor, date and time of tutoring lesson (include your time zone). You can also call us at +1-859-212-6233. We will watch the video and give you a link to the video so you will know nothing is hidden. We will be happy to give links to any law enforcement upon request.
We strive to be a place where kids can learn without fear. We try our best to check our employees/contractors before hiring but people can change. So, that is why we offer this service to you and we allow law enforcement to watch ANY video they want AT ANY TIME to check our tutors and verify that every child is safe with us.