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Today I wanted to tell you about our tutors.

Each and every one of our tutors has at least a Bachelor's degree in the subject they are tutoring. That means if they are tutoring math then they have at least a Bachelor's degree in math. Most of our competitors believe that tutors can teach many disciplines if they have a college degree, we do not! We don't let math tutors tutor physics, chemistry, English or any other subjects unless they also have at least a Bachelor degree in those subjects as well. We also don't believe that a student with a math degree is automatically capable of teaching math. There are many brilliant people in the world that don't know how to teach. We make sure each and every one of our tutors knows how to teach. Also, we give a 10% discount if you rate each and every one of your child's lessons in detail because we believe that our tutors should give 100% for each and every lesson. So, rest assured, your tutor will give nothing less than their best every class.